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XXV Всероссийский семинар
«Моделирование неравновесных, адаптивных и управляемых систем»

October 7–9, 2022, Krasnoyarsk, Akademgorodok

Directions of the seminar:

  1. Methods and technologies of mathematical modeling of nonequilibrium systems methods of mathematical, simulation modeling, neural networks.
  2. Development of mathematical and software modeling of nonlinear, non-stationary and heterogeneous processes in space.
  3. Development of adaptive and controlled systems modeling methods, with applications in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, medicine, economics and finance.
  4. Intelligent digital systems.

Program Committee:

Co-Chairs: Doctor of Ph.D. A. N. Gorban, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. V. Shaidurov
Vice-Chairmen: Ph.D. M. G. Sadovsky, Ph.D. R. Y. Tsarev
Program Committee members: D.B.N. Y. V. Bushov, D.F.-M.N. O. Y. Vorobyev, D.T.N. G. A. Dorrer, D.T.N. A. N. Zhiganov, D.T.N. B. M. Kaganovich, D.F.-M.N. A. V. Kryanev, D.F.-M.A. V. Lapin, Doctor of Economics R. P. Leontiev, Candidate of Technical Sciences O. V. Nepomnyashchy, Doctor of Technical Sciences D. M. Pisa, Doctor of Ph.D. V. V. Slabko, Doctor of Ph.D. V. N. Udodov, Professor Sh. Zhang, Ph.D. M. A. Shishlenin

Organizing Committee:

Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Doctor of Ph.D. M. G. Sadovsky
Members of the organizing committee: Ph.D. E. D. Karepova, V. S. Kornienko, I. V. Timoshina, A. V. Malyshev
Secretary of the Organizing Committee: Ph.D. M. Yu. Senashova

To participate in the seminar, you need to August 25, 2022 on the website:

  1. log in as a user or register if you are not registered yet;
  2. register for the conference and send the text of the report.

You can also August 25, 2022 send directly to the Organizing Committee an application for participation indicating: return address, full name and patronymic; positions, degrees and titles of all authors; topics and forms of communication (10-minute, 20-minute, lecture — 30–45 min.) and text of the message. Be sure to specify MNAUS-22 in the “Subject”. The registration fee is 350 rubles, for students and postgraduates — 175 rubles. The volume of the submitted material 4–6 pages in Russian or English in MSWord format. Abstracts will be published before the conference.

In addition, the materials recommended by the program committee, if desired by the author, will be published as an article in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series, indexed in Scopus. The journal is Open Access, so the publication is paid. The prices for publication and related services (translation, registration) are determined by the publishing organization — the Krasnoyarsk Regional House of Science and Technology.

This year, due to the international situation, publication in the journal will be carried out through Uzbek colleagues. The exact cost of publication and payment terms will be known closer to the conference.

The conference will be held in a mixed format: in person and online using Zoom.

The rules for the design of materials can be downloaded here, and we strongly recommend following them as strictly as possible. You can use the attached template to prepare materials. Rules for the design of articles in Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

MNAUS-22 Organizing Committee address: 660036, Красноярск-36, ИВМ СО РАН, Марии Юрьевне Сенашовой
E-mail: msen@icm.krasn.ru
Telephone: +7 913 8318807

Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
Leading Researcher of the IVM SB RAS
M. G. Sadovsky

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