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Institute of computational modelling SB RAS
Krasnoyarsk State Technical University
Krasnoyarsk State University
Siberian State University of Technology
“Integratsiya” Integration Programme

The third workshop
“Distributed and cluster computations”

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, September 24–26, 2003

Scope of the conference:

  1. Problems of mathematical modelling and simulation on the multi-processor computers.
  2. Parallel computations for modelling of dynamics of complex discrete systems.
  3. Parallel computations in statistical systems of nature and society.
  4. Parallel programming in multimedia, signal and images processing.
  5. Control over the parallel computations.
  6. Tools for implementation and applications of parallel programmes.
  7. Problems of remote access to computation resources.

      Applications for the participation should be submitted by e-mail to the address amse@icm.krasn.ru. Please insert “CLUSTER” into the “Subject” field. August 15, 2003 is the deadline for applications. An application should contain:

  • name (first, middle, last);
  • affiliation, position;
  • postal address, including zip code;
  • telephone;
  • e-mail;
  • title and preferred duration of presentation (indicate “without a presentation” otherwise);
  • short annotation (not exceeding 1 page).

      A limited number of travel grants are available for invited speakers and young scientists.

      The proceeding will be published upon the completion of the workshop. Authors are encouraged to prepare the text in electronic form (LaTeX-2e or Word 97–2000, Times, 12 pt, single spacing, not exceeding 8 pages).

Chairman, professor Vladimir Shaidurov, corresp.member of RAS

Contact person: Dr. Galina M. Sadovskaya (Mrs), ICM SB RAS, Akademgorodok, Krasnoyarsk, 660036, Russia
E-mail: amse@icm.krasn.ru
Tel: +7 3912 494769, +7 3912 432756

 Contacts: ICM SB RAS, 2003  Place: