International Conference
“Algebra and its applications”

Krasnoyarsk, August 12–18, 2007

The International Conference “Algebra and its applications” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the birth of professor V. P. Shunkov will be held in Krasnoyarsk, August 12–18, 2007. The conference is organized jointly by Krasnoyarsk State University, the Institute of Computational Modelling of Siberian Branch of RAS and Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of Siberian Branch of RAS.

Scientific Committee

S. I. Adian, V. V. Bludov, N. S. Chernikov, Yu. L. Ershov, M. M. Glukhov, S. S. Goncharov, W. Guo, K. Harada, L. S. Kazarin, O. H. Kegel, A. S. Kondratiev, E. I. Khukhro, M. Kuzucuoglu, V. N. Latyshev, V. M. Levchuk, A. A. Makhnev, A. V. Mikhalev, M.R. R. Moghadam, A. Yu. Olshanskii, N. A. Peryazev, N. D. Podufalov, V. N. Remeslennikov, V. A. Romankov, N. S. Romanovskii, V. V. Rybakov, L. A. Shemetkov, L. N. Shevrin, I. P. Shestakov, A. L. Shmelkin, W. I. Suszczanski, J. Wilson.

Chairman of the Scientific Committee — a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) V. D. Mazurov.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee — a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) V. V. Shaidurov, vice-chairman — prof. V. M. Levchuk.

We plan both plenary talks and short communications in thematic sections:

  1. Group theory.
  2. Rings and modules.
  3. Algebraic geometry.
  4. Universal algebra and model theory.
  5. Applying and computational algebra.

The official languages of the conference are Russian and English.

If you are interested in participating the conference and would like to receive further information, please respond to the e-mail address below.

Abstracts of the talks (1 page in LATEX formate) should be sent till May 25, 2007 (by Internet from January 1, 2007)

The conference programm includes sightseeing tours and an excurtion to famous Krasnoyarsk “Stolby”.